Our salon is cleaned regularly with disinfectant and we have a UV Light Sterilising Cabinet in addition to using Immersion Sterilising Fluid for all equipment. Christine is wearing just a face shield for the purpose of taking these photographs, whenever clients are present she obviously wears a mask.

We Take Covid-19 Protection Seriously

We are here and ready to welcome you to Chic Nails. Let me tell you about a few of the steps we have taken for our mutual protection.

The salon has been reorganised in such a way that clients never need to be together in the same room at the same time. We have private designated waiting areas, a private pedicure room, and private treatment rooms. We have end-to-end screens across our nail tables and protection at our reception desk. Hand washing facilities with hot and cold running water and cleansing gel are available as you enter the salon.

Please follow the signs as you enter the salon and wear a face covering, then we will all keep safe.

Covid-19 Salon Safety Procedures

Appointments Only: Nothing really new here as we have always operated an appointments only salon. The one small change is we now ask all clients to make an appointment over the telephone 07957 364 857, text, social media, etc. and not to walk into the salon to make an appointment.

Arriving for your appointment: Please arrive on time but not early. Please do not bring anyone with you who is not having a nail treatment, also ensure that anyone you do bring with you even if they are having a nail treatment is in your bubble as designated by the government. On arrival please enter the salon then follow the signs which are self-explanatory and designed to keep social distance between clients. On entering the salon please wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using the hand cleansing gel provided. Please wear a face covering.

Sorry, but we are not providing tea or coffee at the moment which is probably a good job because our toilet facilities are closed to clients.