Which is the best polish for you?

There are basically two types of nail polish available Air Dry and UV Light Cure. Irrespective of what other techniques are used to style nails it is only the final finish that is defined by the terms Standard and Deluxe, in every other way treatments are of the same high quality.

Standard refers to using Air Dry Polish which although durable can be damaged quite easily if undertaking such activities as gardening or vigorous cleaning. When Air Dry Polish is applied, as the name suggests, it needs air to dry it so the hands are placed in a specially designed warm air dryer. It takes about 20 minutes for the nails to become touch dry and the client can leave the salon, but care should be taken for at least an hour whilst it fully dries. The polish can easily be removed at home using a shop bought nail polish remover and then repainted yourself.

Deluxe refers to using UV Light Cure Polish which is extremely durable, after the polish is applied it is cured using UV light in a specially designed unit that curers it completely within a few seconds. This enables the client to leave the salon immediately with nails that are fully durable, it is particularly good to use on toes as shoes can be worn immediately without a problem. On hands UV Light Cure Polish will remain in good condition for two weeks with reasonable care, but can last up to four weeks if you are extra careful. On toes it can last a lot longer because toes don't do anything other than being toes (no washing-up or gardening etc.).   At the end of this time there are various options to remove or renew the polish and if a client is unsure about these I would normally discuss them at the time of their first appointment.